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Why short -term rental has become so popular

Causes of growing demand for short -term rental

The growth of the popularity of short -term lease is also due to changes in this business area.

 Previously, to rent an apartment for a day, I had to contact private traders. Taking an apartment with such a businessman, a man risked running into a fraudster. Even now there are scammers who make money on the carelessness and trusting of people.

A completely different situation has developed in the last 7-10 years. The development of the Internet and the emergence of professional real estate agencies have greatly simplified and secured the process of searching for an apartment for a day. Today it is enough to spend 2 hours to find information on the Internet, view reviews about the company and make your choice. After that, it remains only to contact the manager and state his wishes. All! You can go on the road, upon arrival you will wait for a cozy apartment in a convenient area of ​​the city.