Why a modern house or cottage vapor barrier

Do I need to do vapor barrier in a house or cottage

People, like dozens of years ago, still need to cook food, wash dishes, take a bath and shower, wash linen and clothes.

Everything that a person does in his house in one way or another related to the use of water or boiling it, accompanies the release of vapors to one degree or another. All these pairs usually remain in houses and apartments, affecting the temperature and humidity inside them. However, many of them are able to penetrate the lining and insulation of houses, thereby, in the process of diffusion, cause the wetting of the walls, the formation of mold and many other detrimental consequences not only for the home, but also harm its inhabitants.

In our cold winter conditions, this especially adversely affects our home. Because that passing through the enclosing overlaps of steam turns into water or freezes at all. To prevent such consequences in houses around the entire perimeter, it is necessary to conduct vapor barrier.