What you need to know about fences for a summer residence: types and materials

How to choose a type of fence for a summer cottage

The fence is needed to indicate the boundaries of the site, protect against animals and uninvited guests, from curious views.

Fences will protect the site from strong winds, use the quality of support for climbing plants. The design should be strong and durable. At the same time, the fence should fit into the garden design and combine well with the house. You can use the same materials for the fence for the construction of the house.  Preference is concrete, brick metal and wood.

A wall of brick is built from the side of the street, the front door is decorated with forging, and from the neighbors are separated by a wooden fence. The type is suitable for the legislation, according to which a deaf fence is allowed only from the facade and travel. During the construction of a fence for giving, metal and wood are often used simultaneously, and the base is strong concrete blocks.