What may be needed to create a new screed

How to make a new screed: phased instruction

Before filling the screed, you need to prepare all the necessary tools.

In addition to the solution, it will also be needed to fill the cement screed: Flat long wooden rails, a reinforcement mesh, wooden bars about 1 cm thick, polyethylene film, as well as a hydraulicarian, a container for a solution, a drill with a nozzle for stirring for stirring. Additionally, a sealant or mastic may be needed to close up seams and cracks in the floor.

The floor must be thoroughly cleaned. The wooden type is covered with plastic wrap in the entire area. Then the reinforcing mesh is installed.

In order to make the floor perfectly even, pre -wall walls are marked with a hydraulicarian. Tags are applied at the height of the future screed, that is, at a distance of several centimeters from the floor level.