What is a house from a bar

How wooden houses are being built: technology and types

The term “wooden house” only displays the material from which (or will be made) building. However, it does not specify the technology of construction itself in any way.

Meanwhile, wooden buildings can have the form of log cabins from the “wild” logs of a cylindrical shape; They can be built according to a frame or frame-panel project; In the end, it can be at home from a carriage, whole, glued or specially profiled timber.

Every time, for some reason, everyone recalls its naturalness and environmental safety, but no one, as they say, does not want to “ripen into the root” about the tree. And in vain! “Pluses” at the wooden beam is much larger. For example, in addition to all of the above, he also demonstrates excellent indicators from the point of view of aesthetics.