What features are characteristic of modern modern

What to look for when choosing a style for an apartment

Calm and delicate tones prevail in modern, starting from the entire gamut of gray shades, ending with white, black, brown tones.

Color solutions are diluted with bright accents, delighting eyes that are admired by guests. Playing competently with color schemes, you can make an ordinary office stylish..

The walls do not whiten in modern modern, but use format wallpaper. Using a reception, decorate the wall, give a special, bewitching look. A map of the world, formulas, drawings or various abstract geometric patterns can be drawn on the wallpaper.

The basis of the style is all kinds of configurations, straight lines and simple attributes. The strict interior is diluted with bright textiles, in the form of pillows on the couch or paintings on the walls. A few striking souvenirs on monotonous shelves, the interior will live as well as possible.