What expenses should be included in the estimation estimate

The costs included in the estimation of the room for decoration of the room

I must say that in addition to obvious costs in the repair process, such expenses always pop up, which an unprepared person may not be guessed.

The owner of the housing, for the first time, took up the repair and decided to determine the costs independently, most likely will not make the foreman of the foreman, spending on getting rid of construction waste, cleaning the premises after all the work and many other non -observations, but the necessary investments. And a non -experienced contractor may be mistaken, which does not imagine the whole process in stages and is quite capable of making unforgivable miscalculations. In the first case, the holder of the apartment in one "beautiful" the moment will understand that you need to pay more planned. The master may be in an unpleasant situation and fulfill the object for free or lose an order.