What can offer the modern market for thermal insulation materials

What heaters are sold in the construction market

The market reigns the variety and variety of insulation materials for walls, ceilings and gender.

It is necessary to find out first which insulation will be the best option for thermal insulation of the walls, which is suitable for the floor, and which is better to use everything for insulation of the balcony or loggia. The correct approach to the choice of insulation will solve two problems at once – to maintain heat in winter and provide coolness in residential premises with sultry summer. This can be achieved by eliminating drafts and reduction of heat loss, there will be no mold and dampness in the well -insulated room.

When choosing a heater, attention is paid to qualities: low sound insulation, thermal conductivity, environmental cleanliness and safety, fire resistance, air permeability, water resistance, bio resistance, long service life.