Varieties of parquet by varieties and drawing

What are the types of sorting parquet

Parquet is sorted by varieties, selecting with the most uniform pattern, the same “select” variety in shade.

¬†Another variety of “natures” can have rivets with different types of sawing and texture, but they have a similar shade. “Rustic” collects different shades, types of sawing.

The choice of flooring is important for the entire interior in the room, and therefore the color of wood, its texture is of great importance. Lighter, give heat, expand the space, dark, more muted shades will make the room more comfortable, fill with comfort. Experts recommend laying out piece parquet from traditional tree species for moderate climate: oak, ash, beech, grab, maple, pears. Their wood is most adapted to the climate and easily tolerates those fluctuations in temperature and humidity that are in our homes. The most popular oak, beech.