Varieties of Japanese gardens for the house territory

What types of Japanese gardens can be used for a summer cottage

There are several types of Japanese gardens that are suitable for the house territory. Each option has its own characteristics.

Varieties of gardens:

 -Hilly. Its main feature is a hill, combined with a reservoir

 -Plain garden. Its name speaks for itself, it is made on a flat plane using decor elements, plants and trees.

 -Crossed garden. This type of landscape is filled with grace and tries to convey the landscapes of Japan with its variety of natural elements – a mountainous area surrounding a miniature pond.

The Japanese style in landscape design personifies the combination of male and female energy, and this is the basis of the universe in Japanese philosophy. Anyone who knows how to contemplate and capture the unity of the forces of Yin and Yang has really known the meaning of being and gained the true wisdom of life.