Using ready -made samanble blocks

How to use made samanide blocks

Samanny blocks are laid into the wall like a brick or a cinder block. Previously, masonry was carried out on clay, but in fact it is possible for a cement mortar.

The walls are plastered on both sides, the structure is covered with a roof.

A good option is to fill with saane blocks of hollow walls of the frame structure. Saman does not rot, is not a medium of the spread of microorganisms or pests.

Now, of course, it is relevant to use such buildings for certain needs. A large and reliable house from Saman cannot be built due to the fragility of building materials. If you need a house, and perhaps a cottage, you can’t do without the help of specialists. For example, the construction company “AVM” will help you with your construction. You will not need to rack your head over the project, and worry about the lack of special equipment.