Types of lawns for the house territory

What type to choose for sowing in a suburban area

There are several suitable types of lawn for a summer cottage. Each option has its own characteristics.

Stalling lawn – just to create beauty.The grass on it grows soft, delicate, easily imaginary, and the lawn itself requires constant care. This species is best for space in front of the house.

Garden lawn. This remarkable type of lawn is unpretentious and resistant to influences, as well as to not frequent watering of the lawn.

Mauritan lawn – a lawn consisting of several types of meadow herbs. Typically, seeds for such a lawn are selected taking into account that certain flowers bloom on it all the time.

 Long -term lawn is the optimal choice for those who have decided to make a lawn, it does not require care in general or minimum, and its functionality and a decent appearance can be appreciated at five with a plus.