The sequence of sowing the lawn with your own hands

Stages of creating perfect lawn grass

The seeds for the lawn can be selected separately by yourself, but it is much easier to purchase already existing seeds that are designed for a particular type of lawn.

 In this case, the choice of seeds and planting the lawn will not take much time. And on the packaging you will find an exact description of the composition of the mixture you bought for the lawn.

Natural lawn

Immediately before sowing, the land must be turned with a rake. Only this must be done carefully, without missing a centimeter, as well as withstand a certain pressure on the instrument so that all the seeds lay into the ground then to one depth. Then seeds are scattered throughout the territory. By the way, it is better not to sow the lawn in windy weather! So that the seeds remain in their places, they need to bend, that is, covered with a thin layer of earth.