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The role of the color palette in your interior

How to competently choose a color palette for your interior

Everyone knows what our fortress should be outside: strong and strong, so that a person feels in the walls of the house as protected as possible.

 But we do not often think about the fact that a sense of comfort and security can be dictated by the view of the room from the inside. Today we will talk about the interior decoration of your home. After all, no furniture will brighten up your house like a stylish repair. Beds, chests of drawers, tables – all this after decoration.

We will touch the issue of the color scheme in which the finish is made. Has long been scientifically proven that color affects the psyche. So the human brain is arranged that we see color images, and not just black and white. So this must be used and keep in mind. Let’s say a few words about the rainbow spectrum.