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The origin of the parquet board from the manufacturer Wood bi

How is Wood Bi Parquet Board made: its origin

Parquet of the Wood Bi brand occupies a leading position around the world among the types of flooring.

This coating is produced a little less than a hundred years, but it is very resistant to the effects of environmental factors, moisture is absolutely not terrible for such a parquet board.

In the structure, the Wood Bi Parquet board is complex and consists of several layers of wood, which are glued together into a single whole, the fibers are located specially perpendicular to each other and due to this the whole system represents a single monolith that is resistant to moisture or temperatures. A traditional parquet board from a natural wood array cannot be compared with Wood Bi in quality.

A parquet that would consist of several layers was invented by the Swede Gustav Cher, who in 1919 began to collect and glue from small pieces of wood.