The main stages of installation of screw piles are 2 part

Instructions for installing screw piles on the site

The main stage of the technological process is the direct installation of piles in the soil in given places.

At the same time, a specialized construction equipment is used, which establishes both the piles themselves in the soil and subsequently the grillage on stilts for the support of the structure on the foundation. Camping of elements at a level of 50-60 centimeters from the surface of the soil is performed. With a diverse nature of the soil, piles are screwed into the different calculated depth.

At the final stage, the piles are poured with concrete to the level of their trimming, for which the grillage on piles is pre -mechanized by mechanized method. Then the head is arranged and the strapping, after which the screw foundation is waterproofed, and the welds are protected by epoxy compounds.