The main elements of the design of the courtyard territory

What elements are used to transform the yard

Actually, planning and performing landscape design is quite simple. Among the main elements of the design, natural and artificial.

 Natural elements include trees and shrubs, lawn and flowers, pebbles and stones. Among the artificial elements of the path and fencing, water bodies and figures made of marble crumbs. You can grow a lawn on your own from multi -grass, then more convenient is a rolled lawn, which is a cut turf with grown grass.

It is much easier to work with such a lawn, since the grass has already grown, and it can be laid within a year before winter frost. Laying a roll lawn is quite simple – just roll the rolls on wet soil. Then, plywood is laid for tamping on top, along which you should walk a little. During the first 10 days, daily watering is required. You can cut the lawn no earlier than 10 days.