The advantages of partitions in the bathroom

Do I need to install partitions in the bathroom

Cabins and glass shower partitions are distinguished by the ease of structures and elegance. The configuration depends on where you plan to install the cabin: to the wall, in a finished niche or in a corner.

For the manufacture of the cabin door, an aluminum profile is used, 2 m high.

The walls can be at any angle are located to each other, you can choose the type and location of the sash yourself. Plumbing partitions help to separate the room. They are mobile.

Over capital buildings, a clear advantage – the presence of spot supports, with the help of them are easily attached, and if necessary, regulated and dismantled. Plumbing partitions do not have any load on the ceilings and bearing walls.

Permissible partitions in the form of a screen. Different structures are made using an aluminum frame.