Technological process for the production of window blocks

How window blocks are made at the factory

The department for the manufacture of the windows is equipped with separate machines and automatic machines on which operations for assembling and processing the windows are performed.

 In addition to these lines in the workshop of the window blocks, there is a semi -automatic line for fusing short -term segments.

Pilomaterials come to this workshop from the drying department of the sawmill workshop in stacks. Boards and bars have a length of at least 3 and not more than 6.5 m. Their cross section is below. The curvature and crumpet of lumber should not exceed 0.2% of the length of lumber that do not meet these requirements are marked.

Stacks should be geometrically correct and strictly defined size. In this case, the difference in the heights of the ends of the stack should not exceed 15-20 mm with the same length of the extreme two boards in each row.