Selection of skirting boards for the color of the parquet board

How to choose a suitable floor for flooring

After the procedure for laying a parquet board, it is necessary to finish the process of laying the floor – skirting boards. What will be the skirting board – to select you.

Skirting board, like a link between a beautiful floor from the Elllett Parquet Board and the Wall. For such a sex, you can choose a skirting board to the color of the floor, but you can choose the color of the doors, to the color of the walls. One of the popular skirting boards is considered an veneered plinth. Such a plinth is also made of natural, environmental material. It is based on pine, or more expensive – wood: walnut, pear, acacia. There are skirting boards with carvings for cable and wires. It is convenient in that in it you can hide the cords from the computer, the cable from the TV.

Fastened with liquid nails or fasteners on a baseboard. The product is durable, it does not lend itself to deformation, the cost is lower than that of the plinth of array.