Rules for planting the lawn in the house territory

Recommendations for planting the lawn in a summer cottage

In order for the boundaries of the grass to be even, clear and neat, do not be too lazy to pull the limiters from the twine or other rope on the pegs driven into the ground.

In addition, then, seeing these boundaries, it will be easier to bring the lawn into its original form, that is, mow, weed, etc. D. And when planting the lawn, this will greatly facilitate the task.

At the next stage of preparation, you should carefully dig the territory allocated for planting. Moreover, you need to dig quite deeply, since this procedure is carried out with the aim of mixing the soil, as well as for air access to the roots.

Now the soil must be fertilized so that when planting the lawn, create the grass optimal conditions for growth.

Well, in the conclusion of the preparatory stage, the Earth must be taken, namely, drowned or pass by a specialized swing intended for these purposes.