Rules for creating a lounge zone in a private house

Recommendations for creating a lounge zone in a country house

It is better to change the large table to a coffee table, a chandelier – for floor lamps and other light lamps. To get a harmonious atmosphere.

Symmetry in the interior creates a feeling of peace, apparently, therefore, in England, two sofas are perpendicular to the fireplace at once. A real fireplace can be replaced by decorative, and sofas choose different, unusual shapes and colors. A wooden chest of drawers decorated with vases and lamps will look beautiful. It will relax after a hard day to help, of course, it is impossible to make a fountain or lake in urban conditions, but it is quite realistic to put an aquarium or a decorative fountain. The recreation area can be combined with the winter garden. In the lounge zone, it is desirable to have a window with a beautiful look, if it is not, then you can hang a large picture or glue the murals with the image of a beautiful landscape.