Rules for choosing a bathroom lighting appliances

Which lamps are suitable for a bathroom

In the bathroom, you need to have a light level of at least 75 lux. It is achieved by two types of lighting – general and local. The location of the lamps is considered.

Water should not fall into the devices so that it is impossible to burn on their hot surface.

The safest – switches in the form of a cord.

When placing light elements in the bathroom, a simple rule should be remembered: shadows are obtained from the upper light and it is better to combine it with side backlighting. It is worth choosing mobile lamps, turning in different directions, changing levels of light and intensity.

Two lighting devices with scattering light are placed near the mirror. When installing lamps, do not make a mistake: if the light is directed from top to bottom, then it will emphasize wrinkles, and if from below, it creates shadows on your face.