Japanese -style landscape design 2 part

How to make a Japanese style garden with your own hands 2 part

There are several Japanese style characters. Each element has its own characteristics.

Symbols of the Japanese Garden:

 – Stones. This element should be central in the composition of the site, the stone is laid out first and the rest of the attributes are built around it. From stones can make a path, bridge, water bodies are decorated with small cobblestones. Stone figurine can be surrounded by a flower composition. The stone according to Japanese traditions should be in red or gray tones.

 -Plants. The Japanese attach great importance to plants in the garden – this is the personification of eternal life and changes. Plants, according to Japanese traditions, should delight with their beauty and greens all year round, so preference is given to coniferous trees, thujam, pine trees. Moss overgrown stones – give the whole territory a mysterious and ancient appearance.