Is the stone fence suitable for a summer cottage

The advantages of fencing for a country territory made of stone

Fences of brick or stone are very reliable and extremely durable, but they may look somewhat heavy, so they are decorated with arches or niches for flowerpots.

In fact, masonry made of brick can stand unchanged for more than one decade, while it practically does not require any care. For the construction of a fence for a summer residence, a lined or standard red brick is used, which must be placed. Excellent natural materials are sandstone, shells or cobblestone. Stone fence is expensive.

Fences are diluted with pillars, the length of which is from 2.5 to 4 meters. A metal rod is placed in the pillar, which is covered on the outside with brick, and the design itself is buried in the ground to the level of freezing.The stone made of stone needs a solid foundation.