Is it worth choosing incandescent lamps for the house

Advantages of incandescent lamps for the interior

The first light bulb appeared in the 19th century, and the incandescent lamp was called. Radiating soft yellow light, the lamp favorably affects the vision and well -being of a person.

Replacing a light bulb in a lamp, even for a fragile girl, is not a problem. But will it get good lighting? After all, the correct lighting must first be planned, despite the fact that when designing a chandelier by technologists, the amount of light issued is already calculated. It seems that there is nothing more simple than the coverage of the apartment and all our efforts in this are mainly reduced to the choice of chandeliers and lamps. Their choice is huge, both in design and in power consumed. However, the role of these factors in the correct and high -quality lighting of the house is relatively small.