Interior design of a modern bathroom. part 1

What to take into account when selecting interior for a bathroom

Bathroom – the place visited by us in the morning and evening, before leaving the house. There you are left alone with yourself, in the intimate minutes of creating mood and auto -training.

On the one hand, the furnishings of the bathroom should relax us as much as possible, on the other – items and materials, placed there can suffer from the abundance of moisture.

So, when creating the interior of the bathroom, it is necessary to preserve parity between our sensation of the beautiful and moisture resistance of materials.

In a modern apartment, the bathroom is usually located next to the kitchen and toilet, creates with them the so -called active area. Of course, it is wonderful when there are several bathrooms in the apartment, or from one door they take both to the corridor and to the living room. Then, your intimate peace is not violated in the presence of guests, and it is convenient for them to get into the bathroom bypassing the owners.