Interior design of a modern bank

What to take into account when choosing an interior for a bank

Partners and potential customers, ordinary visitors, are coming to the bank, spend a lot of time in the institution. The success of meetings and negotiations depends on the first impression.

It is difficult to overestimate the effect of the interior on the emotional state of the client. Interior information – the key to the success of transactions. In the bank, how is the interior anywhere, the interior should correspond to the exterior, that is, the strategies of the institution. A combination of comfort and conservatism, or on the contrary, the predominance in the environment of the Art Nouveau and high -tech style, from the first steps to the hall the client will feel the main strategy, the direction of work of the bank management. And imagine the state of dissonance if the primary impressions do not coincide with the level of the proposed service. So the development of the design of the bank interior is a very responsible event.