Interior Design. Minimalism style – simplicity and practicality

Traits of minimalist style in the interior of the apartment

Freedom from excessive pretentiousness, from all excesses, the comfortable state of the soul – these are the main signs of minimalism. One of the leading styles of modern interior design.

Accuracy, simplicity, concise means to express thoughts create the impression of weightlessness and infinity.

Natural and industrial materials are combined so that the concept of style is manifested in a geometric form and in the size of the product. The number of objects is limited and they do not affect a clear expression of the human inner world.

Calm light contributes to the creation of a sense of breadth of space. Large windows dominate in the room, fill the whole space with light, purity and freshness. The world around us is connected by light with the space of the room. The feeling of harmony and freedom living in such a room.