Interesting designs of air conditioners for the apartment

How to choose a system for the interior of the room

If you have a unique interior in your house and it is necessary to find the air conditioner for it, then the main solution to such a problem is the individual development of the design of the split system.

But in this case, the cost of this equipment will increase by at least 100%, while in terms of technical specifications it will not differ from its factory analogues.

An example of unique design solutions embodied in the manufacture of air conditioners is the Daikin FTXG25E model, which costs an average of $ 300 more than basic analogues. Panasonic has released a series of Premium Inverter devices, a distinctive feature of which is an ultra -thin internal unit – 14 cm. Samsung designers came up with a good solution by developing a Mont BLANC series with streamlined forms and various color solutions.