Instructions for the construction of a low -rise ecodoma

Stages of building a low -rise eco -house

 Often, many even abandon the services of third -party organizations and are engaged in the construction of the cottage with the whole family.

To do this, first of all prepare a hole. With earthwork and this long, complex, but also an interesting process begins. Before digging the pit, you should think about which type of foundation is better suited in this case. It is important to correctly correlate the type of primary basis and features of the climate, relief, soils. When the construction of an ecodoma is carried out in a marshy area, you should give preference to the pile type of the constructive element of the building. Piles are durable, metal rods that will ensure stability to build even in such conditions. Using a drilling installation, it is necessary to prepare wells up to three meters deep. In some cases, the length of the depths may be greater. It is important to go on hard and durable soil. To strengthen the walls of the well, it is recommended to use a clay solution. Otherwise they can simply collapse. Then a pile frame is lowered into the well, which is poured with concrete. Along the perimeter of the foundation, you can lay several brick rows.