Instructions for the construction of a low -rise ecodom part 2

Stages of all -story ecodoma

The construction of a low -rise ecodom implies the subsequent construction of the walls. Typically, bars are used for this.

The walls are sheathed with lining. Further, the main works are carried out inside the building. It is important to warm the structure with special expensive materials, as well as ensure reliable waterproofing. Start roofing. As the main material, it is recommended to use clay tiles. Why exactly her? It just absorbs ultraviolet radiation, is harmless from the point of view of fire safety. She is not afraid of acid rains and sharp temperature drops. Installation of doors and windows, cosmetic design, decoration is carried out.

If only high -quality and expensive material, the yard and the cottage itself will definitely please for many years during the construction of the ecodom.