Independently make a design or not

Is it worth hiring a designer to create a project

Not every person can boast of design knowledge. Yes, if there is a desire to do something special, but the budget is not large, then you can think over the design yourself.

For example, as a result of the request “Kitchen repair 6 kV. m “will present design options specifically for kitchens in the apartments” Brezhnevskaya and Khrushchevskaya “layout. But now, nevertheless, we will dwell in detail on the materials that are used for repair. In particular, this is decorative plaster.

As you know, the most popular way of decorating the walls of the apartment is to paste their wallpaper. Wallpaper can be of different types: paper, washing, for painting, liquid. Everyone chooses what he needs in a particular case. But besides wallpaper there is another method of finishing – using decorative plaster.