How to properly lay a Wood bi parquet board

Rules for laying a parquet board Wood Bi: Stages of the process

Parquet can be laid in the room in different ways, it can be put in parallel to the wall or at an angle to it.

The main thing is that the direction of the seams does not coincide with the angle of the fall of light, and they will not be visible. When the first row is being formed, then between the wall and the Parquet board itself it is worth leaving a gap from seven to twelve millimeters, it will be required to compensate for the deformation of the parquet with temperature extremes. Clines or other improvised means can help make a gap, the gap should be located below the skirting board. The second row begins to form from half the boards if the first ends with the whole and vice versa, and laying the lock on itself will help to facilitate the process and the board will fall simply and as evenly as possible.