How to properly care for lawn grass in the country

Rules for the care of the lawn in the house territory

Immediately after the sowing procedure, it is necessary to water the lawn. Better from a watering can or from a hose with a spray nozzle, which will not allow a wide stream of water to knock down the earth with seeds.

Generally speaking, you need to water the lawn quite often, preferably, once a day. However, it is also not worth filling the seeds.

Mow? And when?

Of course, you will have to mow your lawn made with your own hands, but not immediately. It is necessary to let the plants get stronger, germinate deeper, gain a foothold. Ideally, if the first time it reaches about fifteen centimeters in height. You can mow manually with a scythe, but it is best to purchase a lawn mower for this. After all, it will save time, and the lawn will lead to a decent view.

Thus, it is not at all difficult to break the lawn, although it takes, of course, for some time. But it’s worth it!