How to plant a lawn on the site with your own hands

Is it possible to independently plant the lawn on the house territory

Garden and chaotic stands of flowers and trees have long been a thing of the past. Now neat and even lawns are very frantic.

 And this is understandable, because soft and evenly trimmed grass not only pleases the eye, but also requires minimal care, and also make such a lawn with your own hands will not be difficult. All ingenious – just.

Before you break the lawn in your area, you need to decide on its borders, form. The territory is exempted from everything unnecessary, namely, garbage and various rubbish. It is also necessary to clean the earth from the roots of plants growing here before. For large territories, chemicals are used. If there are irregularities, then decide whether you want an absolutely even lawn, then add, where it is required, the land, or such features will become the highlight of the landscape of your site.