How to make a new screed: phased instruction Part 2

Stages of creating a new screed: sequence of actions

Lighthouses from cement mortar are attached to the floor.A small amount of solution is diluted, then with a spatula, apply the melons of the solution in the corners of the wall.

The tops of the applied dancing need to be blocked on the walls on the walls. Between scattered dancing, wooden rails are also installed on the solution.

Before pouring the main part of the mixture, you must once again verify the evenness of the lights applied and the correct location of the racks. The solution prepared for pouring should be either too liquid or too thick. The solution must be evenly distributed throughout the floor and aligned with a flat board or metal profile flush with marks on the walls, beacons on the floor and rails. After pouring the rail solution, it is necessary to extract, and their places are poured with a solution.