How to independently make sappan blocks

Can I make samanble blocks with your own hands

Samanny blocks can be done independently. Makes Sia Saman in the next way.

1 – 2 parts of clay, 1 part of the sand and 2 – 4 parts of fresh dry straw are taken.

At first, sand with clay is mixed, with the addition of water to a homogeneous thick mass. You can do this in a concrete mixer. Then the straw is gradually added to the mixture.

You get a homogeneous mass, pour lined with polyethylene into forms. As soon as the blocks are hardened, removed from the forms and allowed to finally get stronger by standing in a dry place.

Before loading straw, take a trial sample of a sandy-clay mixture, roll a lump and let it dry. If the lump sticks to the hands, add sand. If it does not roll, there is little clay in the mixture. The frozen lump needs to be thrown up and let it fall on the naked ground. If the lump has been withstanding the fall, the proportion is suitable.