How to care for a massive board from Boins

What to do so that the massive board lasts longer

The care of the floors, the basis of which is the massive board of the Baena, is quite simple and does not differ from the care of any other parquet.

There are several care measures. Firstly, all the legs of furniture in the room are supplied with special felt overlays. Secondly, pets need to cut the claws periodically. Thirdly, you will have to refuse to go on a parking lot on stilettos. If you comply with the requirements, the varnish coating of your parquet from Boen will not require restoration for a long time.

Long service condition – lack of contact with moisture. In itself, air humidity does not spoil the flooring, but the tree has the ability to absorb the liquid, so it is necessary to allow it to shed it on the floor.