Home construction

How the waterproofing work of the foundation is carried out

The sequence of waterproofing of the base

Conducting waterproofing work is necessary at the stage of erecting the foundation. It implies a complete protection of the foundation, the plate of the base and the underground part of the room.

Construction work begins with digging a pit and devices of a drainage system using a crushed stone layer with a thickness of 0.2 m. The drainage layer is necessary to eliminate in the future capillary moisture. A cement -sand screed is performed, and waterproofing work is carried out on it using films. Ready waterproofing is covered with a layer of protective screed from lightweight concrete. The next step is to lay the main working concrete on the reinforcing cage. The outer side of the foundation is also undergoing waterproofing, already vertical. Protection is made from the base plate to a level of 0.3-0.5 m above the blind area.

Waterproofing will last 20-25 years.