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Furniture care and details of a wooden window

Preventive measures to care for the details of a wooden structure

In the euro -clips, a system that prevents fogging of the window is provided and provides a waterproof moisture. The less water falls on the fittings, the longer the whole structure will last.

Periodically the drainage is clogged, cleaning measures are taken. If you regularly take care of window frames and glasses, the windows will last longer.

The number of accessories, even in wooden windows of the economy class, may include several dozen components. Some are cleaned independently, and to care for others, you will need to call a specialist. On their own, fixing elements are pulled with a cross screwdriver.

It is cheaper to carry out windows 2-3 times a year than to change them after 2 years for new. Inspection and cleaning of windows, they will not take much time. The original form will last 6-7 years.