For whom the project calculation program will be useful

Who needs a project calculation program

You are a manufacturer of work – an entrepreneur, a foreman, the head of a novice company, and you have no finance to hire an experienced and expensive specialist in estimates.

Then a convenient computer system will be to the place.

With the help of Defsmeta Free, it is possible not only to perform estimates, but also to set the end of the work, consumption of materials, their price and other indicators. Another possibility of using the product is the assessment of damage, this is the creation of an estimate of expenses for the restoration of the interior after the strait from the neighbors or any kind of household accident.

It is very important that even an inexperienced PC user is capable of working with the program, so far all the actions are explained in detail in the memo and on the Internet website of the manufacturer. The most important thing is that the program will not allow you to lose significant groups of expenses and you will be confident in the scale of the upcoming expenses.