Features of the manufacture of window blocks

How are window blocks and boxes made

All the ends of the boards are in the same vertical plane along the stack, and the left side of the stack was laid along the course of the guide of the semi -automatic line.

Between the rows of boards, as well as under the lower row, six calibrated gaskets of 1600, 40 width and 25 mm thick are laid. They are placed so that when unloading the stack in the elevator do not touch the guides, but were between them.

The staff of the lumber leaving the drying workshop is equipped with a passport, which indicates the name and purpose of lumber, its humidity, the volume of the stack, the name of the brigade that made it laying it, and the release date of the drying department. The passport is signed by the shift master of the workshop and an employee for the return of drying gaskets, the remote control of the machine and the elevator and the elevator.