Features of the container block for capital construction

Characteristics of the container block for capital construction

Very convenient for operation for various purposes, blocks that are equipped with mobile chassis.

And without explanation, it is clear that such modules can be transported from one section to another, while no influences on the design will affect. However, even if the household is not equipped with a chassis, it can be transported on special platforms. In this case, the foundation of such a structure plays an important role, since it should not be pinched and difficult to transform.

In the case of capital construction on a construction site of significant scale, mobile houses are required, which will be equipped inside with all the conditions and communications for the normal life of the workers. First of all, this should be provided by the optimal level of insulation of the interior, which will be able to withstand even the most severe temperature indicators. Blok Construction containers can be installed at two or three levels, so that a lot of free space is released on the site. Each block is equipped with the necessary communications, plumbing equipment, electricity and other.