Differences of art and piece parquet

Features of the piece and art parquet

 The basis of the hardness of the oak wood is based on, the characteristics of the hardness of other breeds are relatively determined.

The lowest indicators of pine and spruce, parquet made of these breeds is the least valuable. Olive wood wood belongs to the hardest, but it is sensitive to temperature extremes. A nachus and beech have a similar sensitivity, but the parquet from the tick steadfastly tolerates changes in the temperature regime. But even from the same tree breed made a piece parquet of different in appearance and cost. Wooden strips having a radial cut are more appreciated. In this case, the fibers go longitudinally.

More maples are obtained with a tangential method of sawing, and therefore it is more economical and cheaper. The surface pattern is more characteristic of wood, has arcs of annual rings.