Crocus – Flower to create an autumn garden

The advantages of crocus, as an autumn flower for a suburban site

The beauty of the autumn flower garden is indescribable. Of course, this can only be achieved with the proper organization of the flower garden.

According to many summer residents in the fall, flowers and plants in the garden practically do not bloom.

Crocus is a great option for the “flower carpet”.

In early autumn, he begins to bloom and pleases gardeners with white, purple, blue inflorescences. When flowering the leaves of the plant is practically not visible. The thing is that the flowers of crocuses are very large (diameter 5 – 7 cm).

It is recommended to plant autumn -flowering crocuses in August. Then, by the end of September, they will begin to bloom. Moreover, the place of landing is also of particular importance. These flowers do not tolerate strong winds. Therefore, it is better to plant crocuses in places protected from the wind with any buildings. Flowers can not be watered.