Crocosmia – a miniature decoration for a flower garden

Crocosmia is an autumn jewelry of a summer cottage

Perfect for organizing a flower garden in the fall and crocosmia (Montbreign). The shape of the inflorescences of this plant resembles gladioli.

Unfortunately, this amazing flower has not yet become widespread in landscape design. But despite this, he can rightfully be called the exquisite addition of the flower garden. Low stems (only 50 cm), elegant inflorescences make this plant unique.

It is advisable to plant crocosmias in the front row of a mixed flower garden (mixborder). If this plant provides protection for the winter period, then it calmly tolerates even the most severe frosts. This can be done using a plastic film. Her plant for a period of frosts is carefully covered. You can also use a background of dry chips. The substrate layer should be at least 20 centimeters.