Choosing a piece or art parquet

Which is better artistic or piece parquet

When choosing a piece or artistic parquet, we distribute priorities by choosing a piece or art parquet, distribute priorities.

One of the most expensive materials for gender at the cost of acquisition, and to work on laying, is parquet. But this is one of the most durable and comfortable types of flooring for residential premises and public buildings. Made from natural wood, piece parquet will last 10 years.

Having made a cyclist, upholding the upper worn layer, it is covered with varnish, butter and it shines again in all its glory. In addition, the parquet floor has good sound insulation, delays heat. Yes, and such a floor is pleasant to the touch, it has a living energy of a tree, the cost of a parquet is associated with quality and depends on many more indicators. The main of them is the type and variety of wood.