Characteristics of steel entrance doors

Features of the production of steel doors

One of the leading characteristics is the thickness of the sheet from which it is made. At the factory, doors are made from two – and three – millimeter steel.

 P-shaped profiles are laid in the corners. They give additional rigidity. Along the perimeter are additional stiffener ribs. According to GOST, it cannot be less than 2, 5 mm. At the steel door, the box is also steel, in the doorway the door is fixed using fasteners.

Doors are equipped with anti -removable pins. These are protrusions in the end of the door. When closing, the pins enter the grooves, and when opening they go out, not postponing movements. But if you try to remove the door and remove the loops for this, it will be fixed on these pins and blocks the entrance.

The lock on the steel door is mounted immediately. Of course, the installation of not one, but two castles is optimal.