Characteristics of steel doors with MDF trim

Features of the entrance doors with MDF trim

The weightiness of the MDF panel is also formed due to the materials used in its production. The thickness of the panel is from 8 to 32 mm, respectively, the thicker the plate, the harder it is.

 In the decoration of the door structures, slabs are used no thicker than 16 mm so as not to overload the door leaf and loops. The emerging characteristic increase in the mass of the door after the finish of the MDF panels adds the entire reliability structure, although it creates an additional load on the fittings.

In the production of panels, construction waste is used after wood processing, MDF plates have a perfectly acceptable cost. Their creation does not cause difficulties characteristic of natural wood, which allows you to keep prices for such products at a very affordable level. Cost of 1 sq.m.  MDF plates of 10 mm thick will be 200 rubles.